Maiden Visit to Kyebando UMEA P/S

A few kilometers along Hoima Road in Uganda lies Kyebando-Nansana, a busy and daily-growing periurban trading center. It’s home to Kyebando UMEA Primary School, a state-funded Primary School with an average of 200 pupils per class. The school is faced with quite a number of challenges, from inadequate space, lack of school fees (despite the fees being as little as $12 a term), lack of scholastics and schoolwear, poor health among others.

While we might want to share their plight, we are more baffled by the joy that these children have despite their life stories. They may have been handed down the hard life by fate, but their faces brightened up a lot more when we paid them our maiden visit on the 8th of June 2017. We carried along with us a small present of 288 exercise books for the P3 class, courtesy of donations from friends.

We also managed to share with Kateregga a new pair of school shoes, courtesy of a kind friend’s donations.

It was amazing getting to know these little ones and hear their stories and also share with them the little that we had, with the hope that we’d go a long way in touching their lives and giving them hope.

We’ll be working with Kyebando UMEA P/S this entire academic term (June-September 2017). We appreciate all that are giving in a hand to help us turn around the stories of these children. We pray that by the end of the term, we’ll have made quite the impact in their lives. You can help us make that happen. Please visit our Donation Page here.

Thank you.