JP and Barbara visit Kyebando UMEA P/S

We started Mwami Foundation with the goal and the mission to use African youth to help younger marginalised African youth and children. We believe that with minimal foreign aid and a lot more homegrown heart, the youth of Africa can help to change the narrative of our continent for our own children.

This is why we came up with our volunteer program; to give the African youth a floor on which they can reach out a hand to the young. This week on the 23rd of June, we had our first volunteers JP Luwaga and Barbara Byakutaaga visit the beautiful and ever-jolly pupils of Kyebando UMEA Primary School, our project children this academic term. JP and Barbara had quite a blissful experience meeting the pupils.

This is a pictorial account of their visit:

JP’s fun

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Barbara had fun too!

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And most importantly, the pupils had fun!

We shared a few excercise books, pencils & pens, some school shoes and sanitary pads….

And wrapped it up with a bit of love.

We thank all those that are with us in this movement; from donors, givers, volunteers down to those that give us all kinds of support and motivation, material or immaterial.

Donations are always welcome here. Volunteers are more than welcome to Volunteer With Us here.