Community Resource Centers

The Community Resource Center (CRC) program is our way of fighting illiteracy among African youth. We promote their access to information by availing the resources their parents and schools might not be in position to provide. The objective of our CRC program is to give these youth in rural and peri-urban areas a chance to access the same educational resources that the youth in urban areas are accessing, to grow their knowledge and insight on current affairs (both local and international) and enhance their ability to play a role and raise their voices in these affairs.

How the CRC Program Works

We visit rural areas and scout for a place (village) localised with secondary schools. We visit these schools and work with the school administrations to determine the material and resources that the students need, but of which they either have a shortage of stock or completely lack.

Together with the local authorities (LC1 Chairman’s office), we scout for land big enough for the center. The land should be easily accessible by at least four or five schools by road.  It should be easy to get electricity, water, labour, and other resources to the site. Needless to say, the land should be up for sale.

Upon locating land that is in line with all our site’s prerequisites, we then try to source funding from our partners, as well as look for new partners. We can have more than one partner for a center: a partner that funds the construction, and others that provide the reading material, computers, internet and other resources.

The center is built with two sections: a library on one end, and a computer lab on the other. The center is run by staff of six members: a librarian, a computer lab attendant, two janitors (one for each section) and two security guards who work in shifts.

Upon completion, the center is accessible by student ID. Students are able to  borrow a textbook for 24 hours by leaving their student ID behind. However, they’re also able to photocopy the material at a small fee. In the computer lab, students can also have printouts of the online content at a small fee.

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