We give because we’re given. We change lives because you help us change them. We are only able to do what we do because everyday people like you and me give us a reason to go out to these children and put a smile on their faces one day at a time; they give us the way, and most importantly, what to give to the children.

We ask for your hand in changing these lives of African youth; make a donation today. We welcome all sorts of contributions: clothes, scholastic materials, basic necessities, monetary contributions, textbooks, toys etc. It could be an individual contribution; it could be collective as a church, institution or a community. As long as a child out there could use it, and you have it and are willing to give it, we’ll take it! Every little thing counts; every little penny can change a life.

Just fill out the donation form below, and we’ll be there to pick your contribution. For contributions coming from upcountry, we’ll come there too!

Thank you so much. God bless you!