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Born a Crime- Trevor Noah

Born a Crime

Born a Crime is an autobiographic account of  famous South African comedian and TV show host Trevor Noah. It tells stories of his childhood in South Africa’s apartheid era, satirically bringing to light societal issues like the oppression, discrimination and abuse that native South Africans faced during the era. While you’ll have a good laugh reading this, it will bring to your attention the harsh realities that minorities today still face.  Download Born a Crime here.

I Can’t Make This Up- Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is the world’s biggest-selling comedian today, with sold-out shows in stadiums and blockbuster movies to his name. In I Can’t Make This Up, Hart lets us into his world the best way he knows how to- through humor. He shares the ups and downs of his life growing up and its effect on his perspective on life as a dream-chaser. He also shares lessons he picked from his way up the ladder to become the world’s biggest comic alive, and the power of believing in yourself and in your dreams. It’s a great read for anyone trying to make their big break in life, especially in the arts and creative industry. Download I Can’t Make This Up here.