Share My Dream (SMD) Uganda


Share My Dream (SMD) Uganda is a mentorship program designed to bring professionals to schools in peri-urban and rural Uganda to share their experiences with youth aspiring to take the same career path. As a NFP (Not-For-Profit) program, the objective of SMD Uganda is to create a platform where adult professionals, mentors and icons can share the joys and lessons their career path has brought into their lives.

This not only acts as a motivation and inspiration for the youth, but also gives them the chance of an inter-personal relation with their mentors. They get to ask questions and get answers. The program also gives the youth a foresight of the joys and challenges they can expect along the way in building their career, and gives hope to those that thought their dreams were unachievable.

How SMD Uganda Works

We select a key achiever in any career field as mentor and speaker. We get in touch with them and propose having them come along with us to share their experience with the youth interested in their particular career.

Upon their consent, we visit a couple of secondary schools in a local community and share the idea with the school administrations. We then select one of the schools as a venue, for student classes relevant to the career in perspective from all the selected schools to converge and collectively share and learn from the speaker.

The program has two sessions: one where the speaker shares his experience uninterrupted, and the Q&A session where students get answers to questions from the speech (or questions they’ve always had). After the session, we leave a few minutes for the speaker to freely interact with the students. We carry this out for different classes in different parts of the country, depending on results from our contact with the school administrations.

To view the impact SMD Uganda is creating on young African students’ lives, click  here.