Volunteer With Us

volunteerThe work that we do is vast (there’s no “change the world” switch or button now, is there?). We cannot possibly do it alone. We also know that we are not alone, and that there are many people out there with the heart and goodwill to impact the lives of young Africans. If you’re out there, and are passionate about social impact and world change, we’d love for you to join us! While our volunteer program is currently filled, we’ll be sure to communicate on our social media platforms as soon as we open the program new members. Here’s our volunteer policy.

A. Recruitment

  1. The selection of candidates for our volunteer program is free, fair and impartial. We welcome all diversities of race, culture, religion and age.
  2. Your application might not get a prompt response, if we do not have any vacancies available at the moment. However, your application is always considered for future campaigns and projects. With this in perspective, feel free to submit your application regardless of whether or not we have any currently running projects.
  3. The Foundation reserves the right to review and approve or reject applications for the volunteer program, based on the required qualifications set by the Board.
  4. In cases of misconduct or insubordination during the program, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate the volunteer’s stay with us upon a Board agreement in this regard.

B. Induction/Training

  1. Depending on the nature of the project at hand, candidates may (not) be subjected to an induction or training prior to field work.

C. Expenses and wages

  1. The Foundation covers the basic facilitation of volunteers during the program. Basic facilitation covers transportation, feeding and a few extra operational costs known to the Foundation as per program.
  2. Please note that unless specifically indicated and communicated otherwise during the induction, there is no wage, salary or stipend earned from the program. This does not affect the basic facilitation of volunteers.

D. Supervision and Support

  1. Volunteers are headed by a Team Leader (Head of Volunteers), who is directly in charge of their supervision, support and welfare.
  2. The Head of Volunteers is the go-to person in case of an inquiry or complaint.
  3. The Head of Volunteers carries out regular assessment and evaluation of volunteers, and provides reports to the Board on a regular basis.

E. Health and Safety

  1. The Foundation holds the health and safety of our volunteers in high regard, and provides all necessary material and facilitation to this regard.
  2. The Head of Volunteers inducts volunteers on all health and safety guidelines prior to the field work.
  3. Whereas the Foundation provides all material and facilitation necessary for field work, health and safety (especially in health related work) is an individual responsibility which we expect every volunteer to prioritize.

F. Confidentiality and Data Protection

  1. The Foundation embraces volunteering with us for the purposes of learning and sharing. However, we strongly demand that volunteers observe absolute confidentiality in regards to the Foundation’s operations, material and personnel during and after the program. Breach of this clause of the policy leads to definite termination of the volunteer’s stay with us and, where necessary, further action in the Ugandan Courts of Law.
  2. Use of any material or data collected from the volunteer program for purposes ulterior to the Foundation’s operations requires prior notice to the Foundation through the Head of Volunteers and approval from the Board. Failure to comply with this clause of the policy leads to a suit against the perpetrator in the Courts of Law.